2022-01-04 - Wrote a new blog entry about the current labor movement and added more links to surf the web and website tools pages.

2021-12-30 - Added a Site Resources page with JUST links to help with building your website. Also! Note the 'themes' dropdown at the top of every page!! Now you can select between the original and a 'minimal' theme! I've also been cleaning up my older pages, since I've learned a 'better' way to structure things.

2021-12-20 - Updated my Magnet Poetry tool with LOTS of new stuff!

2021-12-12 - Updated the Net Library with some new articles & also revamped my t.A.T.u. shrine with lots of new info!

2021-12-06 - Updated the links page, since I finally organized my bookmarks! I added a 'directories' section and a 'music' section.

2021-12-02 - I made it so I can update this section via a form :) Also full disclosure: I skip updating this section a lot because I'm CONSTANTLY working on my site and changing things. I'll try not to post for little stuff though. I also added comment sections to my blogs and added a link to my (fixed!) RSS feed on my blog page.

2021-11-27 - Aaah sorry for the lack of updates guys, I have been slacking with updating this area! I've been working on a LOT lately, mostly related to the Yesterweb community. Most recently I worked on "Say no to Web3", a landing page about big tech's latest buzzword and what it could mean for the future of the internet. Thank you everyone for all of the kind guestbook and chatbox comments!! ♥

2021-10-06 - Been working on a lot of tools, including a websurfing tool inspired by StumbleUpon.

2021-09-27 - Wrote about Oppression and designed a new cyber café page

2021-09-16 - Recently completed a no-code layout builder and Quizilla-style quiz generator.

2021-09-12 - Wrote an article about some unique pockets of the internet and created a quizilla-style quiz maker here.

2021-09-07 - Created Pages & Links 101 for newbies and ranted about how everything is falling apart

2021-09-03 - Made a guide for flexbox and a page for my cats

2021-08-31 - *whispers* it's that time of year again...

2021-08-30 - Updated my listing of tiled backgrounds and organized them by color.